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[May. 19th, 2004|07:30 pm]
[mood |melancholymelancholy]

Things I have learned from:

Laurie - You have shown me that it is possible to build community in a classroom, and that everyone’s contribution is valuable as we consider different points of view. I am especially excited that you have taught me how the ideas we have discussed in class are applicable to my particular situation.

Liz - Your sparkle and pep have opened my eyes to how neat it is when a teacher brings her personality into the classroom and how wonderful it is to really love being involved in student learning. Also, some of your blogs have reminded me that the ideas we are discussing in class are all around us in daily life as well.

Sara - You have taught me the truth in the phrase “still waters run deeply,” and through observing your contributions I have been constantly reminded to challenge my assumptions about people and ideas. You have a special knack for digging out important gems from a wealth of information.

Victoria - As you have shared your experiences in the classroom and putting on conferences I have many times been reminded that as a teacher and as a student I need to constantly re-evaluate myself and my methods. You have really shown me that strength comes from soul searching and that it’s ok to be human even when we are in roles of responsibility.

Joan - Your experiences with job hunting have taught me the value of tenacity, and also that it is not just ok, but it is actually good to have strong emotions about teaching and educational experiences. You have also taught me the fine art of looking at a text critically while still finding lots of value in it.